Packrafts for swifter water, whitewater rapids, open water crossings with breaking waves.


NEW FOR 2020  

We had a lot of much appreciated feedback from all over New Zealand from our customers. The floor design and stern have been modified and tested to make the whitewater series surf and handle eddy turns more easily. We softened the line right where your hips are.  This makes the boat ''carve'' better.  It improves surfing and is more predictable when ''railed''.   We think it looks great too. No more sharp angular lines that all packrafts seem to have.  

These upgrades are going through the factory now and we'll have these boats for all orders from January 2010.

The Apex Series packrafts are designed for more challenging water, such as whitewater rivers with rapids and obstacles to avoid.  

The design has more “rocker”, or bow rise, than the Mōkihi Series, and the hull shape is tapered to allow quick and easy turns in moving water.  The stern is higher volume, which is useful in maintaining your line in turbulence and in reducing the tendency to back flip in larger wave trains. 

The Apex Series can be fitted with TZip airtight and waterproof zipper that allows you to store gear inside the tubes.  The Apex Series has two options to deal with water entering the cockpit – spray skirt or self-bailing.   You choose. 

For easier water, lakes or estuaries you might want to try the Mōkihi Series

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