A lightweight, uncomplicated packraft to get across lakes, rivers and estuaries as part of a journey.

The Inanga Series is designed to cater for those Packrafters looking for a lightweight, uncomplicated packraft that will get them across lakes, rivers, and estuaries as part of a journey. These are the base models and are cheaper as they do not have spray skirts and other features and options.  They will handle Grade 2 whitewater but you’ll get a bit wet and have to stop to empty occasionally.  They will roll up tighter.  


The Inanga series will also be a good first packraft for someone taking up packrafting as a novice.  At some later stage you can decide if you want to upgrade to spray skirt or self-bailing models, and whether you want to learn to tackle harder rapids. If packrafting is just a nice add-on to your tramping, then start with an Inanga. The Mokihi series is the fully optioned version of the Inanga.  

If you want to move beyond the Inanga to a more fully optioned version then check out the Mokihi range.

For water conditions such as rapids, breaking surf, and swift water, the Apex Series is more suited. 

If you want your packraft for racing then check out the Adventure Racing Series.