Want to give it a go, but don’t want to commit to buying the gear?  Enrol in one of our PR 101 courses. This is our entry level packrafting course. WE supply packrafts, paddles, PFDs for free. WE will bring a few different models so you can see what the differences are and what will suit you. 

You can rent or buy.  At a later stage you can look at an intermediate course.  Many of our courses comprise groups of friends and we offer discounts for groups. 

There is NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything from us. . 



We have one and two day weekend courses on a local river where you can learn good habits and safe paddling. These are formal structured instruction courses run by qualified instructors. Two stages, introduction to moving water, with the next stage having more advanced techniques and oriented toward paddling with others.


The two day course involves a day's instruction,a camp overnight, and a day on a river trip with instruction. This covers an assessment of where you're at,a refresher on rescues, paddling techniques and general river sense. The following day puts this into practice and places it in context with group paddling and mutual support.