Packrafts for easier water, lakes, estuaries and longer hikes.

NEW FOR 2021!

The bow design has been improved in 2021 to make the boat drier in waves without compromising speed. 

The Mōkihi Series of packrafts are light weight, low profile, stable and are suitable for lakes, estuaries, and easy rivers.  Mōkihi are flax stalk or reed rafts that were used by Maori for crossing estuaries, lakes and for river journeys. Our packrafts are modern descendants of these traditional craft and they serve a similar purpose.

The Mōkihi Series have a broader bow and long waterline for lower water resistance and hence greater carrying capacity and speed over distances. Low profile is important in any wind conditions. High bows catch the wind, making it difficult to maintain direction and it can get very tiring. The tubes are parallel which assists tracking. 

The standard model is suitable for flat water use where open water crossings are relatively short and not exposed to open water waves, strong wind, or current and tides. You can paddle up to Grade 3 rapids in these packrafts. If you plan to do lot of Grade 2 or higher, the sprayskirt version is the way to go.


Lots of Grade 3? Look at the Apex WW Series. 

For a more uncomplicated packraft if you are just starting out, try the Inanga Series.

For water conditions such as rapids, breaking surf, and swift water, the Apex Series is more suited. 

If you want your packraft for racing then check out the Adventure Racing Series.