Different in so many ways.


Our packrafts are different in many small and some major details and we know they are made from the best materials and with world-class fabrication methods.

On first glance our packrafts may look similar to every other packraft out there, but there are a number of design and construction details that are worth noticing.  Look more closely.  Call us and try the model that you think will suit you.​


  • Materials

    • Fabrics – the TPU is the best available and it is a constant focus of the factory and management.  The factory owner has a background in fabric technology.

  • Manufacture

    • seams in all our packrafts are firstly sewn, then taped on the inside and the outside with tape that is 50% wider than most other brands. 

    • NO EXTRA CHARGE for a choice of fabrics, in a range of smart colours

  • Kiwi Design

    • The designs are our own based on our experience, but more importantly on the feedback from our customers.

    • All packrafts are custom made to our designs and to our customer’s requirements – colours and options.

    • The floors are different, as they wrap further around the bottom of the tubes are designed to remain flat and taut for speed, manoeuvrability and safety.


    • We locate the TiZips in zones of minimum stress, in the stern 

    • All boats have EVA backrests, not uncomfortable inflated ones that will give you nasty blisters.

    • The seats we fit as standard are designed for comfort and paddling efficiency. 

  • Unique Features

    • Our thigh braces are the best on the market, and an improvement on our earlier designs. The attachments ladder means you can fit almost anyone in each model. You can set the seat forward or back and then move the thigh brace position too.  

    • Inflation bags are bigger and stronger.

    • new floors with a range of depths so you can choose your most stable position



There used to be a lot of concern about newcomers copying leading packraft brands perhaps using poor quality fabrics and shoddy construction methods. We have always been an innovator and it's our designs that are being copied. We see our designs popping up in Europe and Asia.  

We’re proud of the result of four years of pursuing tour own design path.    This is a performance-based exercise, not a feature-by-feature process.


The big questions were

  1. How did it paddle?

  2. How did it withstand rugged use?

  3. Was it comfortable to paddle?


A lot of days on the water, and a lot of “how can we produce the best packraft?’

It’s been worth it, and we offer the results to the NZ market.


Spray Skirt?

A spray skirt keeps water out of the cockpit in rapids.  They keep your lower body drier. They are suited to those who may not wish to carry a wet suit or dry suit. Spray decks keep you a bit warmer.  This is useful if you're wearing shorts or light clothing. Sunburn, sandflies and wet.   

We have a unique design of spray skirt. It's not fiddly and it has some unique safety features.

The seating position in a spray skirt packraft can be set lower, which is more stable for those who value this characteristic. 


Most whitewater packrafts in NZ are self-bailers - for ease of exit and entry.  Whatever you choose is OK with us. 

Self Bailing?

Self-bailing packrafts allow water to get into the cockpit, but drain it out quickly through floor drains.  They require an inflatable seat to keep your lower body out of the wet.  

They have the advantage of being very quick and easy to get in and out of, for scouting and portages. This is the main reason to choose this option.

For people who feel trapped by spray skirts, choose the self-bailing option.

Self-bailing seats are set higher.  This has two effects; they are less stable, but enable the paddler to practice more efficient paddle strokes and use a shorter paddle. 


NOTE: there is always some water in the boat, which is why our seats fill most of the boat.