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Paddles make your packraft go places.  Obvious, but we see so many people using paddles that are totally unfit for packrafting.  Too long.  Too heavy. Huge blades. Aluminium shafts.  

Also paddles can be cheap or expensive.  Not much in between.

A good paddle can change your life.  Cold hands, tendonitis, aching arms and shoulders, repetitive strain injuries.   Or a paddle that you own that you love picking up in anticipation of another day on the water. 


Once you use a good paddle you will never go back.

Here is a good reference website



Blue Duck Packrafting has spent hours and hours on this.  Paddles in NZ are available in the price range $150 to over $700.


Our selection is breakdown 2 and 4 piece, light, and has adjustable length and angle, LH and RH.  They are light. The blades are optimised for packrafting, not too big, and asymmetrical to eliminate wrist strain.

For packrafting, the important factors are:

  • Weight - the lighter the better.  You have to carry it over land, and hold it on the water.  Under 1000 grams is a target.

  • Break down shaft - 2 piece or 4 piece.  4 piece is best for packrafting.  Adventure racing can be 2 piece.

  • Straight or crankshaft - crank is best for serious paddlers, and for those susceptible to wrist strain.

  • Length - Long paddles (220cm) don't allow good paddling posture.  You should aim for 205-210 and in a whitewater boat, close to 195cm. You do this you need a packraft with good seating. 

  • Off set angle - 45 degrees is the most you should have, unless you are heading into strong winds.  

  • Blade shape and size - Avoid big blades, and square blades.  You need a smaller blade in a packraft to maintain a comfortable cadence. Like not biking in too high a gear.

  • Materials - Fibreglass shaft or Carbon.  Blades can be Carbon or Nylon or high quality moulded.   Avoid aluminium as it sucks heat out of your hands and you will be miserable.


You can also ask for additional D-rings and attachment points at very low cost. 
ALL Frontier Packrafts are made to order and therefore payment is in advance.  We do have demo boats for sale ex stock in New Zealand. Please ask

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