Packrafts for racing and multi-day trips with a partner or kid(s). Featuring super-fast floor for speed & comfortable seats for efficient paddling. The seats are now an integral part of the floor. New bow design - drier. Increased waterline length - faster. Internal cockpit is 2000mm. These boats are very stiff and feature our venturis drains. Extra attachment points for your gear bags. This model is not the fastest in the AR series and is more suited to family expedition use.  It's under 5 kg. 

Adventure Racing - 300

  • Length: 3000mm
    Length Inner: 1900mm
    Width: 940mm
    Width Inner: 370mm
    Tube Diameter: 280mm
    Weight (TPU Double-coated): 4.1kg
    Weight (TPU Single-coated):3.2kg
    Persons: 2
    Capacity: 265kg