Our thigh races are padded with grip material on the underside. Thigh braces make a big difference to your paddling in rough water. Our designs have four attachment points.  Have a look at Frontier’s thigh straps. Ergonomically curved – like your thighs. Stay in place and easy to slip out of when it matters. Non slip on one side. 


Why be miserable sitting in your packraft? These thigh braces combined with foot brace, inflatable seats, and backboard allow you to be comfortable and have a good efficient paddling posture. No more slouching and tired arms.  Price increase on January 5th 2021 due to doubling of air freight charges.


Ideally you use thigh straps and a good backrest together.  We have a new combination ladder set up that works like a dream.  ENQUIRE.


Thigh Braces - 4 point attachment. Padded. Price per pair.