Blue Duck Packrafting offer a lot of options on our packrafts. Here are some questions to help you decide:

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I-200 on a journey from the Lewis Pass t

Inanga Series

The Inanga Series is for packrafters wanting a lightweight, uncomplicated packraft to get across lakes, rivers and estuaries as part of a journey.

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Apex Series

The Apex Series packrafts are designed for more challenging water, such as whitewater rivers with rapids and obstacles to avoid. 


Mōkihi Series

The Mōkihi Series of packrafts are light weight, low profile, stable and are suitable for lakes, estuaries, and easy rivers.

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Waka Tīwai Series

The Waka Tīwai is the packraft version of the ever-popular inflatable kayak. It’s a world first, weighing only 20% of other inflatable kayaks. 


Adventure Racing

Packrafts for AR events and multi-day trips with a partner. Designed in NZ, our exclusive range is proven to be the fastest packrafts on the planet. 

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Blue Duck also sell a range of paddles, seating, thigh & foot braces for comfortable paddling and other accessories.