The packraft version of the ever-popular inflatable kayak. It's a world first.

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The Waka Tīwai is the packraft version of the ever-popular inflatable kayak. It’s a world first.  In other words it doesn’t weigh 25 kg but less than 20% of that, so this extends the scope of where you can carry it, up rivers, into remote lakes and into the secret nooks and crannies of our harbours.  


The Waka Tīwai rolls up very compactly and could easily be in your baggage on that overseas or inter-island trip. It can be paddled kayak style with a double-bladed paddle, and the double can also be paddled canoe style with two single bladed paddles.


The Waka Tīwai is named after the fun waka used for log jumping and general sport by Maori on the Waikato River in New Zealand.

For clearwater rivers, lakes and estuaries, try the Inanga Series or Mōkihi Series.

For water conditions such as rapids, breaking surf, and swift water, the Apex Series is more suited. 

If you want your packraft for racing then check out the Adventure Racing Series.